Where you are now, in your business or career or personal life, is not an indicator of what tomorrow will bring. Today will only ever be repeated if you do the same things all over again!

Today is the starting point for a different future, if that’s what you want.

But if you’re waiting around for the economy to change, your boss to become ‘more human’ or your partner to suddenly understand you, then I guarantee you today will repeat itself!

Your ability to determine and create your future begins right now, as you make some new decisions.

Action – Decide to either fully commit to your current job for the next 12 months, or get out.

Decide to do whatever is necessary within your integrity to make the most important relationships in your life work, or let them go.

And decide that who you are is worthy of your acceptance, or change it.

The power of choice becomes remarkable when a decision is made.

    4 replies to "Decide To"

    • Kurt

      Choice brings responsibility attached, Nancy. So many of us hesitate so much because we are not comfortable with it. Perhaps it is a learned trait…

    • R

      You have put that so well. Our future depends on the decisions we make today and our ability to take responsibility for our decisions.

    • Rick

      Pure Gold!

      • Nancy

        Thanks Rick!

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