“Pssst! One of the partners is pregnant and is getting divorced!”

Someone who gossips is telling the world way more about themselves than who they are gossiping about.

Those who tittle-tattle are considered untrustworthy and nosey and are often not trusted with important information or responsibilities.

Psychologically speaking, we ARE social creatures and we gravitate toward like-minded people when forming our relationships. Gossiping is thought to be a way to determine who those people are.

But at the office, it’s a very negative way to be social. It often comes from frustration and anger which has come from work-related stress.

So we have to take responsibility for our words.

Action – If you must speak about others, find someone who will discuss the challenges, fears or problems and who will support you in finding a solution.

Remember, the real message in the gossip is about the gossiper!

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