Hope expresses our desire for something positive to occur. It often gives us energy to move on when things are tough or when we’re thinking about our future.

But whenever I hear someone say “I hope I get this project done” or “I hope this quarter’s figures improve”, I have just one response…

Hope lives in your heart, not in your career!

When you say “I hope” in relation to a task or project, you’re sending the message that you’re NOT in charge, that you don’t know what’s happening, and that you’re not taking the actions you need to take.

And that’s the complete opposite of success.

Action – If your habit is to say “I hope”, ask a friend to tell you when you use that phrase. With a little bit of focused attention and practice, you’ll soon change that habit.

Leave the hope in your heart where it belongs and concentrate on the things you need to do for success.

    3 replies to "Leave Hope In Your Heart"

    • Claire

      The other word that people use a lot is “wish”. “I wish I earned more” etc. It’s another word that indicates a lack of action by the person using it. Unless you are wishing for unicorns. Then it is acceptable. 🙂

    • Renee

      What if it’s not related to a job or a task…what’s if it’s something that you really want in your life, like: I hope I find the right person one day, or I hope I buy my dream house one day. I think whether it’s related to your career or not, you need a plan of action to get to your goals no matter what they are.

    • Jerome

      Another word I don’t like to hear is “think”. “I think I can get that done”. I would rather hear “believe” “I believe that I will be finished on time.” That is telling you, I can do that.

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