Each of us has a concept of spirituality. Even if you are atheist, that is a stance you take.

The values we hold as true are often rooted in our individual spiritual perceptions. To ignore that relationship is to create an imbalance within ourselves that can cause feelings of frustration and isolation.

Are you one who volunteers on church committees or community events yet never lends a hand to someone in need in the next cubicle?

Your definition of integrity outside the office must match actions inside the office too.

Action – Divide a sheet length-wise. On the left side, write ways in which you contradict your values at work. On the right, sketch out a plan detailing how you are going to correct the imbalance.

When we connect to our spirituality and values both personally and professionally, we bridge problems and feelings of overwhelm and helplessness.

(How easy is it for you to contradict your ‘spiritual’ nature at work? Please respond by using the comments box.)

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