Some people resist their inner feelings of dissatisfaction.

Ironically, being aware of your negative feelings will actually help you create even more success in your life.

You see, the level of your current discomfort is actually a measure of your courage to grow beyond your comfort zone.

The feeling of pressure, confusion or sheer frustration is a signal that you’re ready to go beyond where you currently are.

If you ever see a butterfly trying breaking out of its cocoon, do not try to be helpful by cracking open the shell. If you do, the insect would simply drop to the ground and die.

Why? Because it is the struggle of opening the chrysalis that strengthens the butterfly’s wings so it can fly.

Your frustration or aggravation with something these days is that chrysalis, and your opportunity to move to your next level.

Action – Think about something that has been annoying you recently. Now, ask yourself this:

  • What lesson am I being asked to learn by this challenge?

Remember, your discomfort is a measure of your courage to grow beyond your comfort zone.

(What is one lesson you’ve learned recently? Please leave your reply in the comments box.)

    1 Response to "Butterflies"

    • Jennifer

      Hi Nancy;
      I love your words of wisdom. It’s like opening an inspirational “push” everyday. I’m in the process of rewiring some of my perspectives and I enjoy your constant challenges since oftentimes it seems easier just to not change.

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