How long have you been searching for more choices in your life?

People think the power of choice comes from having a huge financial nest egg. Now that can’t hurt, but having more choice in life does not come from the outside.

Choice can only be created one way. How?

By taking more responsibility in your life.

That’s right, more responsibility.

I’m not talking about having more commitments on your time or pressures on your expertise. I’m talking about taking more responsibility for the actions you take, the behaviors you have and – you got it – the choices you make.

You see, when we take responsibility for creating our lives, we automatically create more choice. We own our choices when we own our lives.

Action – One way to start living this way is by removing things you think you should be doing. “Shoulds” are societal pressures, not choices, and they have no place in the life of someone who is taking responsibility.

Make a written list of at least 20 things you think you should do, like “I should keep this job even though I hate it” or “I should stay in this relationship”. Now, rewrite only those sentences that you can start with “I choose to…”

And create your future accordingly.

(What are 3 things you now choose to do? Leave a reply in the comments box.)

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