“In the meantime” … just three words.

And those 3 words hold a very important message.

While you’re working on your goals of a big career, big house or big bank account, there is another part of life to be lived.

Unfortunately, we tend to focus on outcomes only instead of the whole journey.

“In the meantime” is about the journey.

It is about the OTHER actions you take every day. The behaviors that create joy for yourself, friends and family. We often lose sight of these things while focused only on outcomes. It is those “in the meantime” actions that contribute substantially to who you are.

Action – Create an In The Meantime list by writing out all the little habits, hobbies, and celebrations you want to keep in sight.

Each day, choose one thing from the list and make it a priority alongside your bigger goals.

(What is the first thing on your In The Meantime list? Please share by using the comments box.)

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