So often I see the compassion people show others. I’m frequently blessed to hear the kind, forgiving words my clients express for their family, friends and colleagues.

Jane recently told me about a teammate who had spent weeks preparing for a presentation to a prospective client. They had all worked hard to gather the information and details, prep the documentation and rehearse the delivery. On the day of the presentation though, Jane’s colleague stumbled on his words, misplaced important data and struggled to stay focused.

Jane’s genuine response to me was “hey, he did the best he could on the day. We’ll sharpen some skills and they’ll be other chances.”

So I wonder then why it is that we often have such trouble showing compassion to ourselves!

I know Jane. She has blasted her mistakes many times in the past – pinpointing every goof and slip, labeling her actions as stupid or inept. She has chastised herself ad nauseum for things others don’t even notice.

And she is not alone in this flip-flop behavior.

As the old saying goes – if we spoke to our friends as we speak to ourselves, we’d have no friends!

Action – There is something you have thought, done, said or felt that you consistently berate yourself over. You know what I’m talking about!

Right now, take a moment to pause, breath deeply a few times and allow yourself to let it go.

To err is human, to forgive divine. Forgive yourself.

(What are you ready to forgive yourself for? Please share, and inspire others, by using the comments box.)

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