Fear often stops us from doing things we really want to do. When fear is given an inch, it will take a mile.

There are several ways to win over fear and one of the funnest is also pretty easy.

Become so involved, excited and engrossed in what you are doing that you forget to be afraid.

You see kids doing this all the time. They wrap themselves up so much in the activity – the learning and the fun of the thing they are doing – they simply have no real time to fear it.

Let’s be real – most of our fears are illusions anyway, particularly at work, so taking control and quieting pointless fear leaves us open to the exciting reality of our lives.

Action – What is one activity, personal or professional, that frightens you?

It could be making cold calls, public speaking, skydiving, admitting a mistake, looking like a fraud, meeting with the boss or any number of things.

What system can you put in place to help you get wrapped up in the learning and fun? Who can give you a new perspective? What needs to happen?

Take responsibility, get it sorted out and silence that useless fear.

(What is one fear you can make fun? Please share by leaving a reply in the comments box.)

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