Being poor is a practicality. But poverty is a state of mind.

Personally, I’d rather be poor. Why? Because then it would simply a matter of changing actions to create more abundance.

If I was in ‘poverty’ though, I’d have to first shift my mental perspective before those practical actions would yield any perceived results.

In other words, if you think you live in poverty, you will continue to do so until you begin to see and appreciate your abundance, no matter how much money or wealth you have.

I’m sure you know people who seem to have an abundant life, but are so afraid of experiencing poverty, they operate only from fear. Their mindset keeps them trapped.

Action – Today, write yourself a letter demonstrating how you do not live in poverty. Detail the abundance in your life in all areas. Put that letter in your wallet or purse.

In those moments when you are sliding into a mindset of poverty, read that letter. It’s primary purpose is to remind you that being poor is a practicality but poverty is a state of mind.

(Agree, disagree, don’t care? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.)

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