Okay, I know your definition of success has never been about the flashy car, the huge house or the big bank account has it? Okay, well maybe just a little bit.

I know that what you’re really after is a life of being able to live creatively, sharing your gifts with the world and nurturing loving relationships. To be yourself no matter what, to laugh with friends and to contribute to a wider cause. To really know love, friendship and what it feels like to sleep in on Sundays.

I know this about you because the depth of real desire in successful people is the always the same. The deeper and more real you are willing to go, the more likely you are to create it.

If you’re uncomfortable admitting this to another person, that’s fine. What is important at this point is your owning it within yourself.

Action – So if you’ve been distracted with thoughts of lots of money and big toys, write out the answer to this:

What lies beneath all the material stuff I’ve been focusing on?

Remind yourself of what is truly important to you.

(What really does lie beneath the material things in your life? Share your thoughts by leaving a reply in the comments box!)

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