Having your best year ever depends entirely on you. Regardless of what month it is when you hear this, your best year starts right now! And I want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Action – So, as you embark on the next two months of your life, vow to do some of things you have always wanted to do but could never find the time.

  • Stretch your comfort zone a bit more every week.
  • Visit a new restaurant, theatre or shop every month.
  • Call up an old friend.
  • Hold your lover’s hand a bit tighter and say thank you a bit louder.
  • Give something away, whether it’s your time, money, love or expertise, without expectations of return.
  • Hug the kids every day.
  • Walk tall, head high and shoulders back.
  • Keep all the promises you make.
  • Let go of an old resentment.
  • Giggle like a child.
  • Whatever else your heart desires.

These are the things that will create your best year yet. Always.

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    • Jazz

      It sounds so great! I’ll try to apply these immediately in my life. To be remembered about the actions I should take to make this year the best year of my life I put all the actions that you suggest on a big and colourful sheet of paper which is hanging on a wall behind my desk. I know that it’ll be great if I do 3-4 things from the list but I’ll try! Thanks for the idea!!!

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