Often, a chief financial officer becomes the chief executive officer. Though Bob knew this, he also knew he absolutely did not want it even though everyone around him felt he would make an excellent CEO.

But lately, Bob had been growing more and more dissatisfied. He realized that he was only on his current career path because he “should” be, not because he really wanted to be. It wasn’t his true choice.

Both he and his family had invested so much time, money and energy over 20 years that he felt he couldn’t follow his passion, which was to be a golf coach. He was watching his dream slip away, simply because of a “should”.

Action – If you “should” be in your current job, relationship, house or even city when you don’t really want to be, it’s time to make a new choice and end the frustration and sheer pain being caught in the middle.

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    • george

      I think it is wonderful if we can all do exactly what we want, however sometimes money or lack of will not allow the want. if Bob is making enough money to support his family but his passion of being a golf coach will not bring sufficient income they probably could not make it financially if he changes careers. some passions just don’t pay enough to live on. another hard one is that some passions to live in a certain geographical location are not congruent with one’s passion of a certain livelihood. in that instance I suppose one would need to follow the finance and skip the geographical location or pick a geographical location and not follow the career passion.

      • Nancy Morris

        There was a time in my life when I thought my passion could not be pursued because of financial “limitations”. Reality for me was that I was perpetuating the situation by staying stuck in a “should”. When I moved the situation from “should” to “choice” (in incremental steps), I was able to make the passion and finances work together.

        Sometimes, we can flick a switch. And sometimes it is baby steps. It is possible to create A and B rather than A or B.


    • Cesar

      Hi Nancy. I see myself in this situation. The thing I love most and believe is the best Im capable to do is playin drums, but I’m working as a real state researcher. My dream aways has been provide my financial stability as a musician, but work with music, and arts in general, its not aways fair as it should be. But anyway, I’ll keep doing it for myself, going through “A and B”, and who knows someday I get it straight.

      • Nancy

        Don’t wait for it to come “someday”. Make it happen! There are ways. Several.

        • Cesar


    • Denise

      Sometimes you can do both… I know several people who have a “real job” which provides the financial support they need for their family, and are able to pursue their “passion” part time. i.e. if it’s music.. play in a band or at church, etc. — teach / coach golf at a high school or golf course etc.

      Finding a balance works great if you can’t do your passion full time. I do believe it is very important you do at least enjoy your job and the people you work with. The environment you work in is so important to all aspects of your life.

    • Virginia

      We should love the place we are in our life to the best of our ability….being unhappy rubs off on people around us. I would prefer to work for and with people who are on the right path for them and they are happy in the “should”. We all have things we do for fun and things we would love to do or so we think…Some times the dreams of doing other things are better than actually doing them. I have wanted to be an archeologist since the 5th grade, I feed this love through TV, Books and documentaries.

    • Erendira

      I love what I do
      I have passion in everything I put my mind to
      The problem is that I haven’t received any incomes since nov-2016 even with
      7, 8 deals closed. Hopefully I will received an initial payment of all the deals closed this coming week. Praying for it.

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