How much do you truly enjoy your work? Do you get up in the morning eager to get to the office? Excited about the opportunities of the day? Are you anxious to see your colleagues and clients?

If your answers are “no” or “not really” or even “yeah, sometimes,” I can tell you right now you will never really achieve success until you can categorically say “YES.”

Sure, you may achieve some financial success, but you probably won’t feel a sense of fulfillment.

Action – Make a list of all the things you’ve really enjoyed from all your jobs so far. Honestly look at all the aspects of what you did and how you did it that made it a fun proposition.

As you uncover the aspects that brought you the most pleasure, you will begin to see how to make that happen in your current job OR you will realize that it really is time to find another environment worthy of your abilities.

True accomplishment comes with real pleasure.

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    • N

      Hi Nancy, I think this i true however, sometimes, and especially when you are a starter, you have to invest time and effort doing things you might not always like every day. This in order to build up a stock of knowlegde, expertise and reputation in order to develop in your career.

      • Nancy Morris

        I totally agree. Even later in one’s career, there will likely be some things a person doesn’t like to do. The great thing is that “like” or “dislike” is a personal choice and it is possible to convert those tasks in one’s mind to something more pleasurable, especially when we know more about what we enjoy. Here’s another similar post –

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