Have you ever seen the 1992 film Leaving Normal? It’s a great classic road trip film about 2 women finding their way through their histories, behaviors and fears for the future. (And the tongue-in-cheek title cracks me up every time, because I “left normal” a looong time ago!!)

At a pivotal point, one character – out of sheer frustration and fear – does what she says she does best … she jumps in her car and drives away! The other character yells out one of my favorite lines in the whole film, which is “Just because you’re leaving doesn’t mean you’re not still in the same @#*damn place!”

Wow, how true is that?

How many times have you literally or figuratively left a situation to find that it shows up again?

Action – Well, you cannot escape challenges, fears and obstacles. It is only when you turn and face them that you can cut the cords that bind you.

Without that release, the fears, frustrations and negatives will only follow you around, no matter how far you think you’ve run away.

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