The law of entropy states that, left unattended, any system will run down.

Without adding new energy, eventually everything wears out, including you!

Action – If you’re feeling heavy, overwhelmed or exhausted, then YOU are wearing out.

It is time to stop and renew.

I don’t mean just for a minute or the lunch hour, although those are good too. I’m talking about taking a complete break. Take a few days off and get away. Immerse yourself in activities you love. Avoid chores or anything that feels like it ‘has’ to be done. You are no good to anyone in the long run if your long run is short!

And if you’re feeling on a high, great! Take the time now to plan for the inevitable downs. Build into your future planning some regular renewal time.

It’s always best to fix the roof when the sun is shining. That’s because every good roofer knows that sooner or later, it is going to rain again!

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