Do I always practice what I preach? I’d be a liar if I said yes!

I strive to put these attitudes and actions behind everything I say and do. But I don’t achieve this 100% of the time. Years ago, I used to struggle with this dichotomy. Who was I to preach about something I wasn’t necessarily living up to myself?

But then I realized I was walking the talk.

My most important message is to learn to accept yourself, warts and all. Making mistakes, and being tested on what you are trying to do, is all part of that package.

Action – Be compassionate to yourself and others. Be open to life’s opportunities and take full responsibility for what you do so you can create the freedom you seek. Reach out with kindness and receive with gratitude.

Accomplishment comes in part from a feeling of fulfillment. But fulfillment can never come if you constantly berate yourself for being human!

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    • George P.

      Good post, Nancy.
      I took this one in two directions:
      1. Adults
      2. Child rearing

      Adults-This can be a difficult lesson for young adults if they were handed everything as children and developed an “entitlement mentality”. But, once a person learns to accept them self as they are, and, that they alone are in control of their destiny, they are empowered.
      That empowerment brings a true sense of freedom. I had old school parents who never gave me anything other than food, shelter, clothing and hand-me-downs. They taught me early on that whatever I wanted I have to go get myself.
      It was tough to see others getting toys and money for doing nothing. But I learned to depend on myself.
      That empowerment enabled me to do all the things I have done in my life.
      2. Child rearing- I know many parents who will not lay down rules for their children, i.e.
       no smoking pot
      drinking to excess
      If they want something they need to work, save, and buy it after they have saved the money, Etc

      These parents have the mentality,  “how can I tell them not to do it when I did it myself?”

      So these children grow up with no borders and no guidance and ultimately end up in trouble or in poverty.

      Sorry so lengthy, but this one hit a chord with me. 🙂 Have a great day. George

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