Most of us spend lots of time every day complaining about our problems and obstacles. What a complete waste of a valuable, precious and irreplaceable commodity!

What might happen, do you think, if you spent that same amount of time counting your blessings instead of your troubles?

Now, some might bitch they don’t have enough blessings to fill the same amount of time as their problems. Well, I GUARANTEE you do!

And it’s this simple – I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. I had a crook in my neck, the skies were gray and too many dishes didn’t get make it to the dishwasher last night.

Just as I heard a voice creep up in my ears wanting to complain, I consciously switched my attention to the joyful things in my life. I’m still alive! I have a dishwasher instead of doing everything by hand. The sun was just peeking in through the kitchen window and the light sparkled off the snowy ground. My husband, stepkids and even the cat are fantastic and I live in a prosperous and abundant world. Every day, I connect with others and learn amazing new things about myself, them and the world at large.

Before I could get any further in my thoughts, there was a huge smile on my face. And it took less than 30 seconds to create it!

Action – Every morning, while you are getting ready for your day, consciously count your blessings. Keep counting until your heart feels light and a smiles comes to your face.

Enjoy your world, and be grateful for it!

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