Each of us wants to feel important. And leaving some sort of legacy actually drives many to burn out, because they are ultimately trying to fill the wrong voids through long work hours, big bank accounts and lots of material things.

At the same time, though, we are inundated with the command to discover our purpose and find higher level meaning to our so-called mundane existence. I agree with discovering meaning but let me ask you – what is so wrong with the meanings and purpose you have already created?

Who or what is saying that your current contributions are not good enough?!

Not all of us are destined to be known as Mother Theresa, JFK or Nelson Mandela, but each of us is capable of creating the same impact on a smaller scale.

Being kind to a stranger in need, encouraging a colleague to keep going or influencing a child to explore their world is just as important as helping the masses.

Action – Write out how you want to be remembered. And then ask yourself if your legacy ALREADY exists. If not, what is needed to make it happen? If it does, build on it.

But I truly have NO DOUBT that who you are and what you do creates value and grace in someone’s life already.

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