No matter where you live in the world, Mother Nature has created seasons. While some regions truly have spring, summer, fall and winter marked by noticeable changes, others are more mediocre in their differences.

In Canada, we can easily go from -40 celsius in winter to +40 in the summer, with everything in between!

Like the fluctuations of Mother Nature, you too have natural rhythms. There are times when we feel strong and positive, able to pursue goals and take risks. At other times, we may be more quiet and sensitive, wanting to relax and just be for a while.

Our rhythms may not flow on a calendar like weather does, but do you know your internal signals that it may be time to hibernate for a day or two? Can you sense an upcoming surge of energy? Do you recognize your physical, mental and emotional fluctuations?

– Take note of your cycles of energy throughout the day, week or month. See what patterns emerge for YOU.

As you come to understand and work with your rhythms instead of forcing against them, you will find yourself feeling more at ease and effective every day.

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