Somewhere out there is someone who has it all together, right? If you know that person is, give me a call – I’d like to meet them!

We have been led to believe that if we don’t get it all done, have it all figured out or live a fully balanced life, then we are ‘less than’ someone else. We’re told that there is some mythical being out there who epitomizes a utopian existence.

How did we get sucked into this illusion?

Lemme tell ya – in one way or another, each one of us is messed up!

Acknowledging this creates a certain freedom – not to excuse unhelpful behavior, but to accept your humanity and capacity for learning.

No one is born with an instruction manual. That means we will ALL experience errors, goofs, slip ups and poor judgment. But we will also have opportunities, joys, desires and dreams.

When asked for one of her most important life lessons, a woman turning 100 quickly replied – “accepting every day that I’m not going to get everything right.”

Action – What happened recently that still lingers in your mind? What do you continue to berate yourself for? Who needs your forgiveness for making a mistake? How do you need to let yourself off the hook?

Surrender to the reality that you are not perfect, and then you become it.

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