One of my moments of revelation came when I finally accepted that I have an ego. Sometimes my ego wants to do some very grand things!

But it was in the acceptance of my ego that I was finally released from the negative hold it often had on me.

Now, I don’t hold faith in everything Sigmund Freud proposed, but his discussions of how the ego and its allies make up part of our driving force has definite value! And I am now able to distinguish between the ego’s positive influences and the negative.

For many, their ego creates a desire to be seen as knowledgeable. To show the other guy just how smart and slick we are. This is the negative side of ego because underneath our actions is the phrase – ‘I must show them just how smart I am … because otherwise, they’ll see that I’m not!’

Or even worse – ‘I must do things bigger and better than the Joneses before they discover how small I really am!’

Action – I don’t want you to become egotistical, which is about selfishness at the expense of others. But what I DO want for you is an acknowledgement that your ego system exists.

Because as you embrace it, you will see just how grand, bold, big and valuable you really are.

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