What are you getting in life these days? Joy, abundance, peace? Or is it lack, frustration and overwhelm.

Guess what – what you see really is what you get!

You cannot control circumstances. But you can control how you see them.

Your attitudes reflect how you view the world. And how you choose to view the world directly affects what you get from it.

What you are getting or not getting right now has nothing to do with the circumstances. It has everything to do with the attitude you have towards those circumstances.

Yes, there is no doubt that there are events in life that are more demanding of us than others. But are you viewing those events, or the people in your life, or maybe your work, from an attitude of doubt, lack or disappointment?

If so, then you will experience those events as being long, dark and difficult.

Action – Think of one thing that has been feeling hard for you. What are you willing to do right this second to change that perspective?

If you only see the thorns instead of the rose, you are missing out on beautiful opportunity.

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