I often hear people say “I wish I could have this, that or the other thing in my life.”

Really, what good is “wishing”?!?

A wish is defined as a hope or desire for something. Well, isn’t that lovely?!

Yes, we do have hopes and desires and it’s important to understand what these are, but it’s only when you put solid attitude and action behind them that you can create the result you want. And, what’s worse, if you spend time wishing for a better past, well, you know you’re just wasting your time!

Action – What are you wishing for right now? Make a list of your hopes and desires for the future. Be honest with yourself and write down those wishes you don’t often speak of.

Now, look at the list. Which of these are you WILLING to pursue?

It is your very next decision that will determine whether it remains a wish, or becomes a reality.

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