You cannot manage time, only the choices you make with the time you have.

And one of the most important choices you can make is to not get caught up in the game of catch-up!

Work/life balance research shows that most professionals spend upwards of 70% of their day doing tasks that are either unproductive or take them away from their job priorities.

So, if you are one of those who frequently says “I don’t have time”, you have jumped into a pattern of catch-up behavior. You get distracted and pulled in various directions far too easily.

But you already know this, don’t you?!

What’s important now is deciding what you’re going to do about it.

Action – Track your time in 30 minute chunks for 3 weeks. Go through each day and total up how much time you spend in 3 different categories:

  1. Wasted time
  2. Urgent stuff
  3. Priorities

Commit to managing each of these 3 categories of choice.

Start by eliminating wasted time.

Next, understand that all urgent stuff comes from non-urgent stuff that is ignored or mismanaged by you or someone else. These tasks or projects must be systematized.

Finally, your priorities are those that are scheduled first and directly relate to your goals. Choose to spend at least 50% more time in this category of activity each day.

Schedule your priorities and make them happen. Make it your choice.

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