Have you ever read the last chapter of a book first?

Most of us want to know how something is going to turn out before we even begin!

We overanalyze, avoid and procrastinate until we think we know the final outcome.

There’s one pretty significant problem with that delaying tactic. No matter how much planning and calculating you do, you’ll never know exactly what’s going to happen until you get there.

A successful author I once coached summed it up when he said, “I have my outline and character sketches and plotline, but once I start writing, the characters come alive and I don’t always know where they’re going to take me. So instead of staring at a blank page, I simply allow myself to enjoy the ride!”

Action – Today, take another step toward a goal you’ve been procrastinating about.

Turn the pages of that particular book with enthusiasm!

    4 replies to "Last Chapters"

    • Jane Beckwith


      Procrastination – That is what was on my mind during the call yesterday. That is what I am fighting with already. I’ve made one positive action this past week but it doesn’t make up for the 3 I want to attain per week.

      So, the message today “keep going” is appropo.thanks

    • Sunny Zheng

      Keep going everyday for action

    • Claire Wang

      Yes, it’s true. Procrastination is a bad habit. I will fight myself to be off this habit and get things fond no matter what.

    • Renee Carlton

      I can do it, it’s not that difficult, and it’s not impossible….if She/He Can do it then I CAN AS WELL. This is what I tell myself every time I am faced with a difficult situation, uncommon grounds, and something that I procrastinate about because of fear.

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