Over the Christmas holidays, my family and I consciously and intentionally took a couple of weeks off – off school, work, commitments and schedules. It was absolutely wonderful!

We spent a lot of time playing board games and watching movies. Fortunately, we have various friends who are either movie buffs or game aficionados, so we get to borrow rather than buy.

One new film – well, new to us – is a 1977 made-for-TV movie called The Gathering starring legendary Ed Asner. It is the story of Adam Thornton, played by Asner, a man who has just found out that the has very little time left. It is his plan to bring his torn-apart family together again over Christmas so that he can make amends and heal old wounds. I won’t spoil the punchline but suffice to say it a classic 70’s TV movie!

One set of lines stood out for me. Really stood out.

While discussing the situation with his doctor, Adam says:

“I accept most of your preamble about the rich, full life to which I’ve been blessed. The plain and unbiased truth is that I need more time.”

Doctor – “I know.”

Adam – “Certain aspects of my life are not in order.”

Upon hearing that last statement, I realized that, like Adam, there are some aspects of my life from the past that are not in order. And one thing I know for sure is this – when things are not in order, they become a hole into which all my goals, dreams and desires can fall.

If you dropped dead tomorrow, would all the important parts of your life be in order? Or would there still be unfinished business, open wounds, apologies left unsaid, forgiveness left ungiven?

It is worth the time to determine what is not in order in your life and get it sorted out, before time runs out. That is what I am doing.

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