Have you ever noticed that huge moon that sometimes appears just on the horizon?

For centuries, scientists have come up with many theories about this phenomenon. Most of it boils down to the same thing – because of the way our brains are hard-wired, matched with experience, we create an illusion.

Our conscious belief about the size of the moon is completely manipulated by our sensory and psychological perceptions.

What’s this got to do with achievement? Well, it reminds us that our beliefs and judgments are all at the mercy of our perceptions. What we think are fundamental truths may in fact be illusions.

Action – Google the phrase “moon illusion” to see all its various explanations throughout history. And next time you see that glorious full moon, use it as your reminder to check on your belief system.

What you think is real may not even be there!

(Photo from lakewashingtonmn.com)

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