Do you have big dreams? Then you also need big thoughts.

A lot of people talk about their big dreams and then immediately “talk small.”

How many times have you heard, “I want to create financial freedom but I can’t get a better job.”

Or “I want a very successful business but things keep getting in my way.”

Or “I love to travel but I have responsibilities.”

Everything after the word ‘but’ will keep you small. Just change the word ‘but’ to ‘and’ and get moving!

So now the statements are: “I want to create financial freedom and I will make decisions about my job and money habits.”

“I want to have a very successful business and I will work hard on the stumbling blocks.”

“I love to travel and I can combine it with my responsibilities.”

Action – What is the ‘but’ statement that’s keeping YOU small?

    2 replies to "But And But"

    • Surabhi

      wonderful thought!!!

      Small change that really made a difference.

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