“You’re a fraud, a sham. You don’t deserve what you have.”

WOW! And either you are terrified of someone saying that to you or tired of saying it to yourself.

Or both!

I call this the Fraud Factor.

Our fear of being found out as a fraud factors into our decisions and motivations. It keeps us awake at night.

From CEOs and Chairmans to office staff and line workers, I have heard them all mention being discovered as a fraud is a fear that gets in their way.

So rest assured that if you hold even an inkling of this fear, you are not alone!

There are many causes, but fundamentally the fear comes from an old tape that is playing the back of your head. It is a learned behavior.

The fastest way to stop it is to understand we only really feel it when we are pursuing success or achievement that has been defined by others.

Action – Society norms and standards have told us what the box is supposed to look like. Thinking outside of the box by using your values, integrity and deepest desires will stop the fraud factor in its tracks.

You see, you cannot be an imposter when you are living the life you have defined for yourself.

(People I talk to are often relieved to find out that many others feel the Fraud Factor. Are you? Please reply using the comments box.)

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