The biggest reason why people don’t do something is because they say they don’t know how. Well, these days, if you still say “I don’t know how” 24 hours after originally saying it, then you really don’t want to know!

Let’s face it – there’s almost nothing that you can’t find out more about on the internet. Whether it’s financial advice, relationship rescues, or business guidance, you can find it on the web.

Not only that, but your friends, family and colleagues are all encyclopedias in their own right.

So, if what stops you is TRULY a lack of knowledge, then you can solve that dilemma in a matter of hours. But if it is something else, like a lack of confidence or low interest, then that can, and needs to be, dealt with too.

Action – Look at one of your “don’t know how’s”.

Honestly, what stops you from taking the next step?

    2 replies to "“I Don’t Know How”"

    • virginia

      LOVE IT….. I agree completely and at this age get excited by learning new things.

    • Julianne Kinder

      When I discover that I say I do not know, I say why and the immediately take action and time to learn about that item until I am satiated with knowledge. I find it quite rewarding!

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