Do you remember when you looked into a trick mirror and a simple shift of perspective made you look fatter or thinner?

The way you look at something can alter what you see.

The same thing applies to the situations in your life.

What if you accept that life is supposed to have adversity – that it is actually created and planned that way? That there is no ‘easy street’ or ‘happily ever after’. What if you realized that part of your role in life is to learn how to cope with challenges and to enjoy life’s insane, crazy ride?

Action – Tomorrow morning, if you were 100% sure that something in your day was going to throw a curve at you, how would you respond when it happened? Would you say “Oh, why me?” or would you say “Hey, cool!”

If you accept the idea that challenge is a built-in part of life, then you also accept that every single day you’re in for the ride of your life! Literally.

And you’ll reap the benefits for it.

    10 replies to "You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet"

    • Nandraj

      Very useful.

    • Vaibhav

      This was goood and something we have learnt to live. Be prepared for challanges day in and day out. Keep imagening the outcome ann work backwards with tentative action plan. Hey Cool!!

    • Greg

      What a realistic and sensible way of looking at “fate”! It’s going to happen to everyone no matter what and how you prepare yourself mentally for it, so one might as well accept it, deal with it when it happens(not if), and move on. Kinda reminds me of the movie “13 conversations about 1 thing” that focuses on how people dealt with life-altering and in the wink of an eye “life-changers”.

    • Peter

      Basically confirms what I learned awhile ago…bad things happen to all of us, and rather then dwell on why, deal with it..

    • Sunny

      Very helpful

    • Liza

      Hi Nancy, perception is huge when it comes to completing task and Life. At times, I realize that I see a task more than what it really is and make the decision to shake it off. Thank you!

    • Jaz

      Change is inevitable, and when you think of the amount of time wasted in a negative reaction it is better to prepare mentally to “roll with the punches”. And if you can’t immediately roll with that particular punch, it’s perfect time to grab a 2/3 minute break (making a tea/coffee is a perfect distraction) to re-calibrate. Then it is easier to return to your desk with fresh perspective and attitude.

    • Julianne

      This was a hard lesson to learn, as I matured in life – challenges and change is what makes this world a wonderful place. Accept adversity and watch how the outcome turns out! It life was meant to be easy where would we be?

    • Christine G

      When I am in a less than ideal situations, seem to be stuck revisiting patterns, I assume I am there to learn something. It is an opportunity to grow. I look for the purpose in it and focus on the positive aspects while moving through it. As example – at a prior dysfunctional workspace, the pay was above average for the area and the office beautiful, with windows looking out on a 2nd flr porch. The boss though would put you through the floor when he jumped to a conclusion. The last time he erupted, instead of scurrying out the door afterwards I asked him, “May I finish?”. He said yes. And I knew I was getting better and getting over fear of confrontation

      • Nancy Morris

        That’s a great perspective to take – “opportunity to grow”. And well done you for the “may I finish” statement!

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