So you can’t have it all,eh?

Well, think again!

You CAN have it all – it just depends on how you define “it”.

Unfortunately a lot of people believe that “it” is some type of amazing life of fame and fortune – an illusion created by TV, movies, magazines, even the internet.

The key to creating an ideal lifestyle is to fully define your own “it”.

If you want to have it all, where “it” is defined by others, you’ll always be chasing something unreachable. However, if YOU define your “it”, you’ll have everything.

What’s on your “IT” list? A close and loving relationship with a partner or your kids? Friends for laughter and support? Work you enjoy? A home where you feel safe?

Action – Write out your “IT” list. Then, make the plan to make “IT” happen.

And let the rest of the world deal with their own … “IT”.

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