You’ve probably heard the saying “you must pay the price for success”.

If you happen to be one of the many who live in a state of fear around losing money, that type of saying will have you running for the hills!

Most of us think that paying a price for anything is bad news. We are tight with our cash because we think we are going to run out of it.

So if you have a belief that you have to pay a price for success, that belief may inadvertently stop you from achieving success, including any success you define from the amount of cash you have.

We tend to want something right now, with little expense at our end. That is why get-rich-quick schemes or promises of turning pennies into millions are so attractive to people.

We all know they don’t work. The fact of the matter is that you will have to do some work, make some decisions, some of them hard, and take some time to create whatever it is you want.

But the way to avoid some of the discomfort is to see it not as a price to pay but as an investment to make.

You may think that is semantics, but it truly isn’t.

How you perceive what needs to happen will determine whether you do it or not. That is how your brain works.

And if you perceive taking actions toward a goal as paying some sort of price or costing you something, then it is likely you’ll avoid doing it.

So, how can you change your perception? In a number of different ways.

First though you need to reframe the phrase ‘paying the price’ to something along the lines of ‘investing in your success’. Most of us can handle the notion of making an investment because we see it as bringing us a payback, some sort of return.

Action – Write out one goal you’ve been putting off or avoiding because you will have to pay a price of time, energy, money or some other resource.

Now, write out all the resources you are willing to invest into achieving that goal. Get it on paper in front of you.

Making an investment in something important makes all the effort and energy required that much easier to give.

(Other than money, what are the types of resources you must invest into achieving your specific goals? Please leave your reply in the comments box)

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    • CJA

      Excellent! So pertinent to me right now! Thank you.

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