You’ve been going around in circles and getting nowhere. Exhausting, isn’t it?!

There’s only one way to stop the spiral.

That’s by doing a 180.

Let me explain. You are caught in some circumstance. You tell yourself that you’ve tried everything and still you’re spinning your wheels, stuck.

But something is perpetuating the situation you’re caught in. And until you do a complete 180 with it – or in other words, do the complete opposite – nothing will change.

Sometimes, the 180 can be quite significant, like leaving a relationship or job. But more often than not, a simple turn of attitude or a quick change of action breaks the pattern, allowing a different and more positive outcome.

Action – Identify one attitude or action in a current negative situation that you can do a 180 with.

It may take some courage and determination but it may be the only path to progress.

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