Why can’t Bob change his ways?

That question, and all its variations, are asked all the time.

Why can’t he do what I ask him to do?

What will make them see it my way?

Why doesn’t this work the way I want it to?

Why won’t she look at this situation differently?

Why can’t I be stronger, faster, thinner, richer, blah blah blah?

All these questions have the same underlying theme – that the person asking wants something or someone to change, and change soon!

Well, there’s only one way to create change. That is by accepting what is.

And perhaps not only accepting it, but actually falling in love with it. Being soooo confident, passionate, open and willing to be with whatever is going on that the feeling itself creates the change – within you.

– Think of someone or something you want to change. Now, how would you be acting, thinking or feeling if you were completely, wholeheartedly accepting of this person or thing simply as it is?

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