I’ve said it before and will say it again. You really can have it all.

The key issue here is your definition of “it”.

Recently, my definition made a total flip-flop … getting married, moving house, moving office, becoming a stepmother, changing business plans – all of this within a few months. My “it” of before could simply no longer be my “it” of now.

You see, my business structure used to be very European. I would take lots of actions in the morning, have a 2 or 3 hour break mid-day and then work through to about 7 pm.

When I was single, my Sundays were rarely planned. I’d wake up each Sunday with nothing defined, no tasks or actions awaiting. No commitments of any kind. And my mid-week social life was as extrovert or introvert as I wanted it to be.

As well as running a successful business, hanging with friends and enjoying hobbies, I’m now a soccer mom, baseball mom, wife and member of a large extended family.

But for the first little while as these 2 worlds were coming together, my “it” was not being upgraded or amended. Every day was filled with frustration and mood swings as I tried to essentially jam a round peg – being an old definition of “it” – into a square hole – being the new definition.

It became very apparent that something was going to break, and it coulda been me!

Action – So over the period of about a week, I simply asked myself a question every hour or so – what is IT that I want to create in my life now?

The process not only revealed a new definition of “it”, but the actual decisions, choices and actions I would need to take to make that happen.

And even though I’m still making that become reality, I can honestly say – again – that I really do have it all!

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    • C A

      Thanks for sharing your “story” and how you took action to create success in your life. One critical point that stood out for me is the word from your statement that I’ve placed in caps: “What is it that I want to create in my life NOW?” To live in the NOW means we have to let go of the past … past ideas, past ways of being, past successes and failures. You didn’t hold onto your old ways that were a joy to you, instead you looked at the new joys and created success in the NOW. Bravo!!

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