Your buddy Bob tells you he’s frustrated at work. After a few minutes of complaining, Bob’s exhausted himself and you realize this poor guy is bored out of his brains. He has no motivation to make anything happen and he seems to have lost sight of the big picture.

And YOU know exactly how he feels!

But instead of suggesting an hour of common commiseration at the local pub, you know there’s one way to benefit both of you. And that is to change what you are focusing on.

Action – Tell Bob you want to brainstorm things he could do to brighten his day. Agree to come up with a list of 20 doable actions he could take that would get results and open up the space – literally and figuratively – for new stuff to come in. Spend 10 high energy minutes blasting out a list, then each of you agree to do the top 5 items over the next 2 hours.

You see, the shift of focus and energy, coupled with mutual support and accountability will snap both of you out of your doldrums very quickly.

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