Some days, you feel pretty grumpy, don’t you? No matter what you attempt, there’s no enthusiasm, right?

When I’m in one of those moods, there’s one thing that is sure to snap me out of it.


For most people, music really does sooth the savage beast. Favorite tunes or beats can lift us right out of the mud and muck of the day. And studies show a direct relationship between music and motivation.

Maybe some 70s and 80s classic rock is your prescription for getting turned around and positively re-engaged with the tasks ahead.

Or the sounds of a full symphony would wash away negative emotions leaving behind calm and confidence.

Or a dance tune to pump up the heart rate and refocus.

Action – What music do you like? Get an MP3 player or record your favorites onto CD for the car. Plug in when you feel the need for an extra boost!

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