I feel like I’ve just lost a point in my tennis match.

It was a great rally. Back and forth. Top spin, smash, on the line, double-handed backhand return, bobble at the net …. a great point indeed. And I just came up a bit short on that last lob. Damn.

In other words – fabulous business trip last week, new opportunities, curious prospects calling, teenagers complaining, grumpy conversations with hubby, technology crashing. Damn.

And now, as I bounce the ball ready for my next serve, there is a mindset I need to shift into. It is the same mindset a world-class tennis player will use on court.

First, I must act “as if” all remains well. At least I am still in the game.

Second, I must breath and relax. Drive is necessary – tension is not. I can handle this.

Third, I must recalculate my strategies and tasks. What are the priorities? Where is my best opportunity? Where is my ace?

And now, toss the ball up and go for it!

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