I love my job!

In fact, it isn’t a “job” (or as some would say, a j.o.b. – just over broke). It is something I would do (and have done on occasion) without even getting paid for it.

Creating content and curriculum, presenting information and ideas to eager ears (and some not-so-eager-ears), helping people to increase their self-awareness and personal wisdom … this is my life’s work. And when I think back to many of the ‘jobs’ I have had in the past, each played a part in the work I do now, figuratively or literally.

I have just returned from a week-long business trip. At times, it was exhausting. At other times, it was exciting. And at all times, it was enlightening. You see, for the past few years, there have been a number of personal challenges preventing me from traveling as much as in the past. Even in preparing for this trip, I was a little concerned and packed a myriad of pills and potions in case the back pain flared up, or the dizziness kicked in or maybe one of the other little quirks showed up. But none of them did.

I met fantastic people and saw interesting places. I enjoyed amazing meals with old friends and even had a chance to hunt down a famous old bookstore. I did excellent work and wonderful play. And I am proud of what was accomplished.

Now that I am back at my desk, it feels even more comfortable than it did before.

I love my job!

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