I have often said that, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to come back as a spoiled domestic cat. Like ours!

But as that is unlikely and/or a long way off, perhaps it is just as easy to learn the lessons she teaches us now –

·    Investigate the dark places because they can be really interesting
·    Match caution and curiosity instead of being just one or the other
·    Find your physical or mental safe place just in case things go wrong
·    Every day, change gets easier
·    Be open to new possibilities
·    Get plenty of sleep during stressful times
·    Anything can be turned into a toy
·    It’s okay to walk away sometimes
·    The best place to nap is in the sunshine!

Yup, I want to come back as a cat!

    1 Response to "I Want To Come Back As A Cat"

    • Sharon Archer

      I’d like to come back as myself again – the chance to do it all over would be great fun. I don’t know that I would change much but I would perhaps apply wisdom a little earlier in some areas and less wisdom, (Much much less), in others 🙂

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