You recognize many of the faces. Although well-lit, the room feels oddly gloomy.

As you wander around, you try to listen to a few conversations but can’t get near enough to hear.

All of a sudden, it hits you like a brick. In fact, it was a brick that hit you and now you are at your own funeral!

Action – Write out what you want people to be saying about you at your funeral. Not from the pulpit but what you might overhear in quiet whispers.

Would they say you lived by integrity, rose to challenges or made them feel special?

Knowing what you know today about your character, attitude and actions, how likely is it that people will say what you want them to? What adjustments do you need to make right now to make those words more likely?

No one can guarantee that you funeral is a long way off. Don’t wait to become the person you want to be.

    1 Response to "What Did They Say?"

    • Cindy Gripper

      I would like for others to comment on how I led by example. I would like for my daughter (Kenya) to say that I was able to she her how to find abundance in life, totaly discounting income.

      Always acknowledge your Blessings,


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