People get in their own way of success by talking about their expectations of others.

When you expect something to happen in your own mind but don’t actually talk to the other person about it, you’re setting yourself up for disaster!

You may be guilty of this when you:

  • Expect others to know exactly how you want something done
  • Expect someone to respond to you in a certain way
  • Expect to be rewarded for your efforts the way you want
  • Expect others to have the same work ethic you do
  • Expect others to have the same sense of integrity as you do

Action – To manage your own expectations, make sure the other person understands your requests. If they agree, that’s a promise to be managed. If they don’t, you won’t “expect” anything.

So whenever you hear yourself use the words “I expected,” check to see if you only ever spoke to yourself about it!

    5 replies to "What Did You Expect?"

    • Claire

      I am definitely guilty of this. Less so now than in the past because I have been working hard to ensure I express my expectations since meeting someone who is very close to and constantly does this. It’s extremely frustrating to be on the receiving end of decision made following a conversation that took place entirely in someone else’s head!

    • Mike

      Awesome Nancy, and I also am guilty. The problem is that my expectations are basic and thusly easy to attain, however most employers that I have worked for, fall very short. It is disturbing at best.

    • Sunny

      Nancy – I’d never heard this saying before this summer but I think it is appropriate for this conversation: ‘Assume makes an Ass of U and Me. Enough said.

    • George

      I think many families are guilty of this which creates dissension between parents and children

    • Diana

      I love the last sentence of today’s Simple Sound Solution! Perfectly put! Thank you!

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