There’s a spiritual saying that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.

Understanding this saying is very important to achieving success.

It’s not about a vow of poverty or timid modesty. It is about having the humility to recognize that some things are simply beyond us.

Jack is an ambitious guy, smart, and very capable in business. But every now and then he would come up against some sort of obstacle. Sometimes it was internal, sometimes external. But each one threw him off kilter and outta sync with what he was creating.

But no matter what happened, he kept going on his own.

And it was painful. And stressful. And slow.

It was only when Jack admitted that perhaps being that independent was actually costing him that he was able to actually get what he had been going after. Why? Because his admission lead him to create a Goal Getter™ Gang – a success team specifically assembled to help him achieve his goals.

You cannot do it alone, so stop struggling.

Action – Brainstorm a list of the various tasks or actions you struggle with. Maybe you procrastinate with financial stuff or avoid delicate conversations. Perhaps you have a knowledge gap in some area that is important to achieving your goals. Maybe you just need a little outside encouragement sometimes.

Identify those things that someone else can either do or help you with. And then ask them to do it. If that doesn’t feel comfortable, then pay them and make it a transaction.

Humility is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength, and success, to recognize that you cannot do everything.

(read more about the Goal Getter™ Gang here)

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