You have unfinished business that’s holding you back. And I’m not referring to paperwork or projects. I’m talking about personal unfinished business between you and someone else.

If you’re feeling angry or resentful, it’s sapping your get-up-and-go. Even if those negative thoughts are in the back of your mind, they still take up time and energy.

Every grudge you hold equates to hours of ill feeling, decreased motivation or angry thoughts and behaviors.

Action – Take action to take care of this unfinished business right now.

Write a letter and either send it or burn it. Talk to the person directly and clear the air or agree to disagree. Or simply forgive and move on. You never have to see or speak to them again. And even if you do, you can still control your response by shifting your attitude.

You see, personal unfinished business is far more destructive to your long-term success and fulfillment than incomplete projects or stacks of paper.

    6 replies to "Unfinished Business"

    • Joey

      So true! It’s really hard to settle in and thrive when you refuse to unpack your emotional baggage.

    • Lisa

      I do agree that negative thoughts still take up time and energy, so for me, I would like to talk directly to those who make me unhappy for a better solutions or I just let it go and be positive from the other angle.

    • Sunny

      I do agree that negative thoughts,I’d like to solve the unpleasant things immediately

    • Liza

      Wow Nancy! you are spot on. I am the type of person that packs it way in the back of my mind. I will give this some thought, make an unfinished business list and take action. Thank you! Liza

    • Subramanya

      This is best piece of motivation that made me to sit back and recognise unfinished business which was holding my achievement (personally /professionally ) .
      Many thanks to you ….

    • Erendira

      No unfinished business!!!
      One word I have learn this last 13 years in meditation, EMPATHY.

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