The hair salon is busy today. Like many women, I enjoy my 3 hour pampering every other month (yes guys, sometimes it takes three hours!)

There is a culture and community all its own within a hair salon. Something women cannot explain and men don’t want to know anyway!

A mainstay of this environment though is conversation. As someone who studies narrative psychology, I love eavesdropping on the stories that fly around this place.

Just like bartenders and cab drivers, hair stylists hear some of their customers’ deepest darkest secrets. People sharing stories that often appear casual yet are intrinsic to the way the storyteller actually views their own world.

Similar to infrequent psychotherapy, this ‘bear all’ tradition is ingrained into the hair salon culture.

While consistent complaining serves no real purpose, the chance to share our stories is essential to our own mental health. It’s an opportunity to vent or reflect, often just for the sake of it. No solutions or fixing – just empathy, laughter and mutual commiseration with people who do not have a vested interest in what we do.

– What quasi-anonymous outlet do you have for this style of communication?

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