Many women want to be more assertive. Unfortunately, that seems to be a far-off wish instead of the reality.

– There are several good books on assertiveness, but here are some quick tips.

  • Use a flat but strong tone of voice. Sounding angry, being soft or hesitating will not convey an assertive stance.
  • Make “I” statements instead of “you” phrases, such as “I think that” rather than “you should have…”
  • Repeat your request as initially stated despite objections, so it might sound like this -“I understand the office is busy but I am not staying late after work tonight.”
  • When in a decision-making situation, make choices for yourself. Don’t allow others to speak for you.
  • And finally, do other activities in both your personal and professional life that build your self-esteem and confidence.

In the long run, being assertive helps you to create balance and calm.

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