My teenage stepdaughter taught me a new formula for success.

I don’t think she really knew the importance of what she was saying, but I did! You see, this is the type of formula that can be accessible to anyone – smart or not, financially blessed or not, worldly wise or not.

We were chatting about her grades in school. She does very well, holding a high average in all her classes, but she doesn’t consider herself particularly intelligent. She’s not in a gifted class nor is she a natural academic.

But when asked by her friends how come she manages to do so well in school, her reply is simple – I do the work and I pay attention.

Now, she’s like everyone else. Occasionally, she’ll procrastinate or get distracted.

But, generally speaking, she does what is required and sometimes a bit more. And she pays attention – to what is going on in class, to what is happening in her family and with her friends and also to what she wants now and in future.

Action – Imagine if everyone in your organization, including you, does what’s required and paid attention! How would that change your results?

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