It used to drive me crazy when people swore they wanted to create more success but then always did the same things. When I understood what was really going on, I became far less judgmental.

Actually, the word “remembered” is better than “understood”. Because when I remembered what happened to me when I took my life into my own hands, it all became clear.

Something incredibly exciting and down-right terrifying happens when we take on our life wholeheartedly. You see, when we take on that kind of responsibility, there is no one left to blame.

If you complain more than you act, it will be difficult for you to create the change you say you want.

Action – So, if you find yourself getting stuck on your dreams, take an honest look at how much time you spend bitching about people, situations or circumstances.

The less you complain, the more success you can create.

    2 replies to "No One Left To Blame"

    • Sharon

      Great post Nancy – I too remember the days when I gave away the responsibility for my circumstances to others(I was probably one of the ones that drove you crazy) Thanks It is truly liberating to let that approach go and to know and act on the fact that whatever the circumstance of my life I have created the situation. I now have a lot more experience to know I can handle them too and shape my circumstances to fit what I want in life. I seem to remember a certain person steering me in that direction so thank you.

      All the best


    • Virginia

      I cannot take the credit if I am un-willing to take the blame, I don’t like to make mistakes but I have to be big enough to admit that I make them if in turn I want to be there ready to take the praise. Can’t have one without the other and being human these go hand in hand. 🙂

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